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dress your home for success!

First impressions are everything! Buyers begin their search online, clicking through hundreds of photos to choose which houses to visit.

What will make YOUR home stand out?


Lyndia skillfully views your home through "buyers' eyes". From the street, through your living spaces, and out into the backyard, buyers will be looking for reasons to lower their offer. Lyndia is trained to accentuate the positives and downplay the negatives as you prepare your home to be buyer-ready.




how does staging work?

Staging "un-decorates" your home to give rooms a spacious feel, focusing attention on the home itself, rather than the furnishings in it. Improved flow and the perception of space are key selling points as you market your home.


It's important to "de-personalize" as well, giving buyers the chance to imagine the home as theirs instead of feeling they are guests in yours.


Staging attracts the widest range of prospective buyers to your home by creating a warm welcome and a positive lasting impression that will encourage buyers to say "This is it. This is the one!".


the staging advantage

Professional home staging is a strategic investment that will bring you the greatest return on your most valuable asset.


Staged homes statistically sell more than 50% faster and for an average of 6-10% more than unstaged homes.


[Studies by the National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Staging Association.]

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