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love your stuff again!

If your wish is a fresh new look without an expensive decorating makeover, professional redesign will make it come true!


Lyndia brings creative new vision to your living spaces, inspired by your furnishings and accessories and guided by the unique way in which you live in your home.


We’re all used to seeing our furnishings arranged a certain way and it can be hard to imagine them put together differently. Lyndia’s trained eye for redesign opens new possibilities. Furniture from one room may fit better in another. A rug here could make a great accent there. Lamps and accessories find new places and pairings.


And like magic, your décor feels stylish and new!





have you moved to a new house?

It’s often a challenge bringing furniture and accessories from your old house into the new, with different room shapes and sizes, new focal points and views.


With "Move-in Redesign" your new house will feel like HOME!

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